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What is secondary glazing and what are the benefits?


Secondary glazing is a much cheaper alternative to double glazing and involves fitting  bespoke units to the inside of a single glazed room.

It basically traps air between your existing window and the secondary window effectively acting as a double glazed unit providing more insulation and eliminating draughts and it also reduces outside noise considerably.

We also offer a more advanced version known as 'stadip silence' which is is an acoustic noise control glass

Each unit is measured accurately ensuring they complement your existing windows keeping them unobtrusive on the inside and almost non existent from the outside

They can be used against sash windows or normal wooden frames and come with either a vertical or horizontal slider(s) to match the exact profile or your existing window
They also can be made with a single door opener

There are many types glass that can be incorporated into the system such as tinted or toughened to match your needs

We also offer secondary glazing with obscure glass ideal for bathrooms

If you have any questions regarding secondary glazing don't hesitate to call for free advice. We are always happy to help