Ian Scott Glazing 

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We can cut mirrors in all shapes , sizes and styles guaranteeing you'll find the perfect mirror for any location from basic bathroom mirrors, to bespoke mirrors and truly unique patterned mirrors. 

We can also make mirrors to go around obstacles like the centre picture below of a bathroom mirror cut out to compensate for a wooden beam and sloping ceiling

All are mirrors can be made-to-measure 

Our mirrors can be screwed to the wall and finished off with chrome mirror screws or stuck with mirror adhesive.
We can fit mirrors into tight alcoves or spaces or run a mirror the length of a wall the choice is yours..no space is too big or small.

Our mirrors are available with a polished edge to give it that sparkling finish.

Where are beveled mirrors typically used?

A beveled mirror works in many rooms. Custom beveled mirrors add a touch of elegance above a sideboard, in a dining room, over a fireplace or in a formal living room or library. With or without frames, they easily blend with the decor of the room in which they're placed without dominating it. Beveling is normally applied to mirrors that serve as a focal point in the room.

Frameless beveled mirrors are a wonderful choice in an entryway, dining room or bathroom because beveled mirrors don't need an extra frame...the beveled edges give the mirror a frame-like look without weighing it down with a heavy wood or metal frame. This results in an impressive mirror that blends easily with any decor.

Another popular design option is to apply beveling to bathroom mirrors. Beveling a bathroom mirror turns a normally bland bathroom necessity into a classy design statement.

Add safety backing -

If breakage occurs, glass fragments are held in place to reduce the risk of injury from scattered glass and make cleanup easier.
Strengthens the mirror overall, increasing impact strength to help prevent breakage.
Prevents moisture entrapment to keep mirror from delamination.

  ​ Beveled bathroom mirror