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We replace failed double glazed units in a number of shapes and sizes like for like or replace with more advanced versions like high performance low-emissivity glass (Planitherm) which also improve your home's energy efficiency.

The thermal insulation provided by Planitherm is three times more efficient than that of standard double glazing
we also replace leaded patterned, georgian barred and arched units (see pictures) plus many more..

We also offer argon filled units-

Benefits of using argon

Argon is a completely different gas to the air we all breathe, which is primarily a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen. Argon is naturally present in air, but when used on its own to fill windows it helps retain more heat than using air. As this technology is new, windows filled with argon can be up to 5% more expensive than windows filled with air alone. However, studies have shown that filling windows with argon rather than air can increase the efficiency of the windows by up to 30%. This means that although the initial investment is a little more, the amount saved off heating bills will be far greater, meaning that the increased expense will pay for itself many times over the course of the lifespan of the windows. Argon gas does not leak from the windows, and will not need to be “topped up”. It also has the same properties for reducing noise as ordinary air, and due to the benefits of using the gas, argon is likely to be the default choice for windows in years to come as companies strive to produce ever more energy efficient windows.


arched  leaded patterned  georgian bar